Hi, I am Natasha, the sole creator of the hand crafted items you will find on the Crafted Favours site.

Crafted Favours is an online store operating in Trinidad and Tobago and where I share my crafty creations for sale. I have been creating and dabbling in a variety of crafty projects for many years, ranging from making candles, soaps, polymer clay items, paper crafts and a few other projects I've explored over the years. My intention with Crafted Favours was to offer custom, hand made favours for persons looking for tokens for their weddings, baby showers or birthday parties, and that vision has grown to the site you see now.

The items on the site are streamlined now but I make my creations hoping that soon they will go to someone who will experience the joy of receiving a hand crafted, custom item.

Thanks for visiting the site and supporting my small business and be sure to visit again to check out what I make next.

xx - Natasha